sponsorshipX Nashville – 04/22/19

MH3 —  April 22, 2019

Monday, April 22
Ninety-nine percent of the people reading this know what our team is going through right at this moment.

The day before. 

The dreaded day before staging a major event is the most challenging planning day of them all. There is no time left on the workback clock. But changes and circumstances are popping out of nowhere. There is no margin for error and still a need for improvement. 

The day before is draining. 

Your nervous excitement has no outlet. You don’t want to rehearse that speech again for fear of being over-rehearsed. Your last minute site inspections reveal opportunities you are shocked you didn’t see before. The complicated choices are matched by the priority of even the most mundane.

The sponsorshipX Nashville flag football tournament will be played at Vanderbilt Stadium on Wednesday.

The day before can’t end soon enough. 

Because after the day before comes the day. The first day of the event. The day you transform from planner to host. The day your venue goes from a site map to a movie set.  The day the words flow effortlessly out of your mouth, the music plays on cue, and the cameras roll in synch.
Today is T-1 before the opening of sponsorshipX Nashville.

Today, you know what I am going through.