Dear Friends of T1;

I want to thank each of you for the magical support of my team and me. 

Today, T1 turns 28 years young. While the past two years have been demonstrably more challenging than the first twenty-six, we are alive and thriving.

We have you to thank for that. 

Thank you for your faith in us, and we ask for your continued support for the next twenty-eight years!

No birthday is complete without some exciting news, milestones, and updates!  

  1. Today, we are no longer The T1 Agency – we are T1, with a new logo, new purpose statement, and tighter focus. 
  2. Please check out our new logo and brand online.
  3. Our new purpose, Sponsors of Impactful Brands™, is our beacon in supporting people and brands in their missions to impact people, communities, culture and society.
  4. Coupled with our mission of uniting brands with people, we are doing all of this by being a Full-Stack Sponsorship shop with three areas of emphasis: partnership, activation and amplification.
  5. If our focus is full-stack sponsorship, then it must be time to announce the relaunch of SponsorshipX with inspirational events, including Whistler this August and Ontario this Fall, along with training and development programs and a global communal platform. 
  6. Plus, we have BIG news about the world’s favourite sport. As of May 16, we have a new division – T1 Futbol led by Managing Partner – Imran Choudhry and supported by Steve Coakley (VP, Global Partnerships) and Jorge Tatto (Sr. Director, Partnership Strategy)
  7. As Imran is now busy on the pitch (pun intended), I welcome NithyaRamachandran as our (interim) General Manager. She joins Imran, Steve, Catherine Mass, and Christy Cusack (VP, Client Engagement) on the T1 Leadership team. 
  8. Lastly, T1 is now part of MH3 Collective, a group of ventures bonded by a common purpose – Connecting people & ideas to make a social impact. 

While it is time to celebrate business, it goes without saying that I am so proud of the community-building efforts of our teams. To mark our birthday, we ask our friends to support our mission at our not-for-profit school Park Street Education which focuses on removing barriers to education for youth from underserved communities. Today we are trying to raise $28,000 (simple math 1k per year!) to help provide scholarships for two children in the 2022-23 school year. You or your company can donate here. If your social responsibility leaders want further details, please have them reach out, and I will connect them with our team. 

Again, please accept our heartfelt thanks from all T1ers, past, present, and future.