CSFX Hangover

MH3 —  April 12, 2017

No, I don’t have the kind of hangover you are thinking.

I have the milestone kind of hangover. The one you get after a big accomplishment or period in your life. That after a major event, or back from your honeymoon, or the end of a season hangover. That kind of a hangover where part of you cherishes the memories, achievements and success, while the rest of you can’t wait for what’s next. I always find that the day after something big, I wake up obsessed about the next one. There is nothing wrong with that, but a little break can also be a good idea.

The thing 
is, I don’t want a break. I want to go back to Ottawa right now, and hang out with everybody. I feel bad that I didn’t sing at our karaoke event. Of course, you would have felt worse if I did. But seriously, I feel like I never get enough time to speak to everybody or get caught up with old friends. It’s like frosh week. It was amazing. You learned a lot. You had lots of fun (at least in my era of frosh week), but now you must go to class.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I ran a Forum every month?

I am only half-joking. Our next one is too far away. August 2018. What is that? Three years?! There will be more than a few events between now and then, I promise. We are cooking up some more T1 Speaking Series event dates and plan to get our schedule to our guests earlier. We have at least two parties being planned. We might even rekindle a Canada Night or two at some out of country events… but won’t share which ones yet!

Wondering how to get on our guest list? Simple, I invite the people I have relationships with. That includes clients, suppliers, team members, ex-team members who I still like, ex-team members who still like me, competitors who collaborate, suppliers who add value, industry leaders, properties our clients’ partner with, and the odd friend (or ten) who work in boring industries and are jealous of ours.

So now is your opportunity to get added to the not-so-exclusive guest list (I mean, really, 
when has anyone been able to accuse me of excluding people?). I need your help. I need you help me with my CSFX hangover.

I would love your input on this past year’s event. Our delegates will soon all receive a nice survey. People that didn’t attend will also be sent a questionnaire of a different sort, but don’t restrict yourself to that. I want your suggestions, input, and feedback. You can post here. You can email me. You can email our info email addresses. You can post on social.

Sound off any topic you like:
1. If you came to CSFX, what did you like? Not like?
2. If you didn’t attend, why not?
3. If you can’t wait till Whistler for CSFX & Crankworx in August 2018, should we hold a mini event prior?
4. Any suggestions for future speakers? Content? Topics?
5. 2018 is booked (Crankworx obviously), 2020 is looking solid… any suggestions for 2019 or 2021, 2022, 2065?

Thanks for helping me cure my what ails me. It’s much appreciated!

2 responses to CSFX Hangover

  1. Not sure if I’m in the “properties our clients work with” category or “odd friends who work in boring industries” category! Either way, I am sad that I missed CSFX this year…always the highlight of my year and better than any other conference I have ever attended!
    Would love to see a mini event or two between CSFX Main Events and would love for you to consider the wet coast!

  2. Inverse the model. Instead of having people coming to a CSF event do a cross country reunion tour. Do a mini CSX one day event along with your well recognized hospitality. You could go in order with Grey Cup, Calgary Stampede, TIFF, Winter Carnival , etc. Take the party and networking to the people.

    Create / partner to make your own event for 2021.