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Grand Slam

MH3 —  March 8, 2012

The moment of truth has arrived.

The day of the big new business pitch has arrived.

It’s like the killer exam in third year university. The door has been firmly shut. The adjudicator has taken his seat. Your trembling hand reaches for the first page. There is no time to run out and wish you had studied more.

It’s time to present the pitch. Continue Reading “Grand Slam”…

Home Run

MH3 —  March 1, 2012

I often wonder what people are thinking when we get in front of them to make a new business pitch.

We had a couple going on last week. Big ones. Agency game-changers in fact.

Each is with blue chip companies. Good-sized budgets. Great brands. Plus a history of doing interesting experiential and event work. Which makes me both excited and nervous.

Often people ask me to provide them examples of our best pitch ever. Hard to say. Perhaps because the process is like speed dating meets job interviewing. Continue Reading “Home Run”…