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Blocking: Simple Strategy & Commitment

MH3 —  September 13, 2012

I just started coaching football teams number two and three of the year, so any hope you had of me not blogging about the gridiron is slim.

But this blog has as much to do with your balance sheet as it does your fantasy team.

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Best Behaviour

MH3 —  May 2, 2012

Despite doing what I do for the past 72 years, I finally understood the secret to measurement of sponsorship and experiential marketing ROI. Yes, between bites and pleasantries, I managed to keep my lips sealed long enough to hear the gospel.

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As Labatt’s manager of sponsorship and marketing integration, Scott Thompson understands how to use consumer insights to drive a brand, partnership strategy, and marketplace activities. In his presentation, he went through Labatt’s current strategy, what they’ve done in the past and where they’re going in the future.

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David Corelli from TrojanOne is truly passionate about sponsorship and how it is an important business tool that can solve problems throughout an organization. In one of the first sessions of the day, he spoke to a full room about the five business priorities that can be advanced using strategic sponsorships: consumer perception, employee engagement, earned media, new business relationships and community engagement.

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