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One of the time-honoured secrets of speech making is to start with a joke.
Easier said than done.

Not that there is a shortage of material in this world. You can borrow a joke from a speaker you’ve heard in the past. Tread dangerously with an inappropriate line you picked up from the drunken MC at your cousin’s wedding. Search the “www” and commit larceny by using someone else’s material. If you’ve been drinking you may think it wise for some reason to try to write your own. Or if you’re a bonehead, you can always pick someone to make fun of.

I’ve tried all of the above and more. Unfortunately, I think I’ve used the “pick on the innocent” option much too frequently. It’s the chicken’s way out, but it’s far too easy.

But being truly funny. Wow. That’s an art. A craft. A science. Is it a gift? I would say to a point. But it’s a gift that needs the preparation, practice and refinement of an Olympic ski jumper.

I have been thinking about “being funny” in preparation for chairing the 2012 Canadian Sponsorship Forum. I’ve told my team that we need to be funny. Not silly. But funny. Forum is loaded with great information, research and inspiration. Serious stuff. Continue Reading “Ha Ha Ha: Being Funny in a Speech is No Laughing Matter”…

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? I’m talking about being an eight year old. Or maybe ten. Twelve at the most. What a time.

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She’s Grand

MH3 —  May 16, 2012

Babies. Kids. Pets. We all have our cute names for the projects or initiatives we love. When we create something from scratch, conjured by the heights of our imagination, and fermented by the hard work of many hands; there is no greater feeling.

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Practice What I Preach

MH3 —  April 19, 2012

With religious fervor, I have been sharing lengthy sermons to whatever congregational victim is within earshot. In some cases the congregation has been made up of my staff, my kids, their friends, my neighbours, my clients, my suppliers, my peers, my twitterverse,

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Bracket Busters

MH3 —  April 4, 2012

I finished second in our company NCAA pool this week. Thought I had it all locked up…until Ohio State blew it!

How did you do at yours?

What was your secret method?

I think we had 31 folks battle it out for company bragging rights and I am pretty sure I am the only one spoiled enough to attend two Final Fours. But it was so long ago that it was actually the last time Kentucky won the entire shebang.

Nevertheless, I had to go with the flow and pick Kentucky to win it all. But the rest of my picks were more or less random. So I thought I would ask some of my team how they went at it. Needless to say, the approaches were both random and humourous. Continue Reading “Bracket Busters”…

The Agony of Defeat

MH3 —  March 29, 2012

I don’t know if you read Success magazine. I admit, I do. And I listen to the monthly CDs featuring the publisher Darren Hardy. And I read some of their “self-help” publications.

Some of you may find this sort of publication cheesy. In a way I agree. But I also find a lot of value in them. It’s always good to spend a few quiet moments reflecting on my professional and personal life.

The most recent issue really resonated with me. Unfortunately. Continue Reading “The Agony of Defeat”…

Grand Slam

MH3 —  March 8, 2012

The moment of truth has arrived.

The day of the big new business pitch has arrived.

It’s like the killer exam in third year university. The door has been firmly shut. The adjudicator has taken his seat. Your trembling hand reaches for the first page. There is no time to run out and wish you had studied more.

It’s time to present the pitch. Continue Reading “Grand Slam”…

Home Run

MH3 —  March 1, 2012

I often wonder what people are thinking when we get in front of them to make a new business pitch.

We had a couple going on last week. Big ones. Agency game-changers in fact.

Each is with blue chip companies. Good-sized budgets. Great brands. Plus a history of doing interesting experiential and event work. Which makes me both excited and nervous.

Often people ask me to provide them examples of our best pitch ever. Hard to say. Perhaps because the process is like speed dating meets job interviewing. Continue Reading “Home Run”…

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

MH3 —  February 16, 2012

There is an old poem, author unknown, which includes a key stanza by which I have always lived my life. It goes like this:

Make new friends,
But keep the old.
One is Silver,
The other Gold.

I have tried to live most of my life and my career this way. Like any principle, it’s easier said than done. But it’s probably the most valuable one I have professionally. Continue Reading “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old”…

Not Another “Year in Review”

MH3 —  December 21, 2011

It seems this time of year, journalists get even lazier than normal and run endless versions of Year in Review, Year in Photos, Year in Quotes, Year in Tweets, etc.

So as a casual blogger and wannabe scribe, am I going to hold myself to a higher bar? Heck no. My middle name is “Bandwagon,” so look out because I am jumping on. Continue Reading “Not Another “Year in Review””…