I am calling on all of you who believe in what we do. 

I mean, honestly believe. I am looking for those willing to put your money where your mouth is. A belief that you are ready to stake your reputation.

That belief is that sponsorship marketing works. Faith is in its ability to connect with the consumer, impact perception, and generate interest. Are you willing to put our craft up against any other marketing strategy? More importantly, do you have a conviction that brands should integrate sponsorship marketing with all types of marketing strategies? 

Historically we have seen some of the most successful brands in the world utilize partnerships as a central nervous system of their marketing. As a result, these brands have paved the way for a sector flourishing today at unprecedented levels. 

However, your word, or mine, or that of your colleagues is not enough. Opinions and insights matter but CEOs, CFOs, and Boards want to see results. They want Proof that what we say works, actually works. 

For sixteen years, Dr. Norm O’Reilly, SMCC, and IMI produced the Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study to help you with fundamental benchmarks to build your business case for sponsorship marketing. The study provides insights into usage, trajectory, and types of sponsorships. In addition, the study provides the foundation for brands to understand what is occurring and for properties to talk intelligently with brands. 

The best sponsorship marketers are leveraging the CSLS and adding custom research and strategic analysis from one of the many talented industry research firms, consultants, or agencies that comprise our industry. The utilization of multiple inputs allows them the platform to secure marketing budgets, internal collaboration, and external support to build results-generating campaigns.

As a leading practitioner, the first step is for you to participate in the Landscape Study. The study design captures inputs from brands, properties, and agencies alike. It is entirely anonymous and secure as a third party collects the data with academic rigour. But there is a catch. 

The more people that participate, the better the study. The fewer participants, well, you understand. That is why I entitled this blog—100% Proof. 

Suppose we have 100% of the industry participating. In that case, we know that we will have 100% accuracy and be on our way to convincing the powers that sponsorship marketing is 100% worth investing in on a year-round basis. 

You can find the study at https://www.sponsorshiplandscape.com/, and the results will be shared on November 23rd at SponsorshipX Montreal (SPX Montreal | SponsorshipX), with a full report available online in early 2023. 

I am counting on your support. (Pun intended)