Toronto is feeling pretty Grey today. In a good way!

With our soccer team quietly faded out of sight and our hockey team faded out of mind, and our basketball team fading early as usual, you wouldn’t expect this to be the case.

But the only teams not monopolized by the Toronto sports monopoly formerly known as MLSE are making big news. News is great when it is news. And news we’ve got.

It wasn’t news that Toronto was hosting the Grey Cup this week. It has been big news though how enthusiastic the city has been about it. Good planning aside, this is partially due to the unexpected news of the Argonauts actually playing in the game. Which is as rare a sight as a Leaf shot on goal.

More big news of course is our Blue Jays plucking the Marlins to the bone. Re-signing their formerly fired manager. Plus picking up a one-time MLB villain, who has talent to burn.

So why then do we crave hockey news? I don’t have any intention to pick sides. I want both to be punished. The NHL not playing, that’s old news. We’ve seen this childish act twice before. Enough, you make me puke pucks.

If you want to feel Grey in a good way, head down to the Vanier Cup tonight and see two Canadian university teams that are as good as any in the history of the CIS/CIAU/CFRU go at it.

Or head out to some of the Grey Cup Festival and CFL activities. You’ll see me, bedecked in bright yellow, strutting down Yonge Street on Sunday leading the Sun Life Grey Cup Fan March.

Find some friends and host a Grey Cup Party. I’ve got my money on the Stamps horse making a doo-doo in the field by half-time.

Why go? Because CFL teams, CIS schools….they care about the fans! The Jays are showing us they too care again.

Unfortunately Monday will be here too soon and with the NHL in hibernation, I will be feeling grey until the blue skies of Blue Jays opening day get here….oh too many months away.

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