If Terry Fox had survived, he would have been 62 years old yesterday, July 28th.

He barely made it to one-third of that.

Projecting what Terry Fox might have done if he survived does a disservice to what his legacy has accomplished. But today, we need the inspiration of Terry Fox more than ever. COVID has become our new marathon.

Terry’s brilliant letter to adidas, written at age 21, for support of his mission continues to motivate. I read it for the first time just three years ago. Then, and today, it ignites the same fiery flame in me that Fox did when I was a teenager.

If Terry Fox was alive today he would be a brilliant doctor, or community leader, or fundraiser. Also probably a great father, a trusted friend and a decorated Paralympian. We could use more of all the above with the character that Fox shared by attempting to run across our country.

Terry talks in his letter about believing in miracles. We need a miracle right now. We need a vaccine. We need compassion. We need equality. We need leaders.

It may have been Terry’s birthday yesterday, but consider this letter his gift to us. In return, I think the best gift we can give back to him is to not lose our faith, our belief, our strength. If you want to give Terry something for his birthday, read this letter. Not once. But many times.

Read it to yourself.

Read it out loud.

Read it to your family.

Read it before your next meeting.

Read it to a friend.

Read it to your colleagues.

Read it to Terry.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Terry

  1. Thanks for sharing Mark. How Terry’s story isn’t the first one told to kids and those thinking about fulfilling their dreams or overcoming barriers i’ll never know. To me he’s Canada’s greatest human and a true representative of what it means to be Canadian, putting aside your own interests for the sake of the betterment of those around you. I’m definitely re-reading this and thanks again for sharing.


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