It’s my birthday this week. So what?

While researching my blog, I wondered what milestones are happening this week. Now you know how we got here, and I am relieved because I have something to write about.

When people talk about birthdays, their zodiac sign is the first thing they often discuss. I happen to be one of those who do not care about my sign; however, I read my horoscope from the Toronto Star every day in my 20s. I wonder if they still print horoscopes.

I thought I would ask the intent what type of boss aligns with my zodiac sign, and the prize went to the Times of India ( for being the first answer that came up in my search. Given the extent of their characterization, I realize that there is an exciting opportunity for self-reflection here, and one that perhaps you may want to consider doing.

Utilizing your signs, of course.

So, in the spirit of my birthday, here is the type of boss I am – according to one source – along with my reactions. I am eager to conduct this exercise to be truthful.

What Type of Boss is a Capricorn?

  1. They are super ambitious, and most of their life is dedicated to office work and money-making activities. Capricorn folks want to climb up the ladder of success fast, in fact, really fast. Working at odd hours in the office is not an issue for them. Zodiac signs are an excellent way of understanding the traits and characteristics of people’s personalities. MH3: I don’t believe in work-life balance because I don’t believe we have two lives. Each of us has one holistic life, which includes how we earn a living just as much as it contains our time and hobbies. My career profile mirrors my passions for people, sports, marketing, cause, entertainment, travel, and live events. I am fortunate not to think of my work hours as odd or demanding; they are what I want to be doing.

2. Capricorn bosses are very practical, determined, and hard-working in nature. They are very responsible and believe in professionalism. They are generally prudent, reasonable, calculative, and business minded. If they want something done they will make sure it is. MH3: Accountability is an absolute must-have in myself and those around me. Professionalism is how accountability presents itself, and I would encourage professionals of all tenures to audit their presence.

3. They have a no-nonsense approach to work and expect their employees to be dedicated and focused as they are. They hate excuses and can judge when someone is lying as well. They cannot stand employees with a laid-back attitude. MH3: This is one is my fave. It is me to a tee. No more needs to be said.

4. Capricorn bosses are well known for their organisational skills. This trait of theirs helps them in keeping their team on track. They are very ambitious and set high standards for themselves and their employees. At times, they are very demanding but very fair and just in their approach. They value discipline and order and expect the same from their teammates. MH3: I have always set high expectations for myself and my team. I question if those expectations have always been fair in the minds of others, and in the more recent past, my goal has been to be more blunt about the bar I set.

5. They are always punctual and efficient in their work and expect the same from their employees. At times they are conservative in their approach which may be resistant to change or new ideas. However, they are ready to embrace, new approaches if they are convinced that new and innovative ideas are practical and for the company’s betterment. They are very effective leaders who inspire their team to work hard and achieve their goals. MH3: I think I am open to new ideas to a fault and often chase the shiny and new, which is a crucial driver of why my motto for 2024 is “The Old is New.” My focus for the next twelve months is to execute what I have already launched to perfection. Being efficient with my time will help me achieve that and hopefully inspire my teams.

There may be something telling in that I searched for “boss” instead of ” colleague. ” You may have already listened to that conversation yourself. However, I would say that as much as I want to be a strong collaborator, and in this age, all leaders are pushed to think of being servant leaders, at the end of the day, I am the boss to most of my internal work connections, which makes me okay with my search.

Perhaps I should have asked the if Capricorns are “bossy”?