We are exactly two months away from the 2017 edition of the Canadian Sponsorship Forum, CSFX17 for short, to be held in Ottawa in conjunction with the JUNOS. I should clarify that the two months applies if you read this on the day I wrote this, which is/was January 31, 2017. If you read it later in the week, or month, I will leave the countdown arithmetic to you. Sound good?

Since I am such a creature of habit, it’s usually around this time out from the event that I write something disguised as a blog, but closer to a pitch, in an effort to rally your support and attendance at our conference . Sometimes I attempt to be funny by providing you a top 10 list of not so secret tips on how to navigate our Xperience. Other times I pursue an inspirational tone by talking about the value of networking and learning for your career. Often nostalgia dominates my tone as I reflect back (is there any other type of reflection by the way?) on my motivation for starting this conference in the first place, but I am sure everyone has heard that story one or three too many times.

Consider this edition a simplistic and straightforward informational notice. Why so plain you ask? Well our online sleuthing tells us that a lot more of you read my blog than ever open up our propaganda email. Of course if I make this blog too much propaganda, you will portably tune me out forever. However, I am going to take my chances that I can entertain you while I’m blatantly selling you.

The questions is, are you up to the challenge? If so, let me know. Feel free to tell me if I was boring, neither good nor bad, or if I was actually somewhat entertaining. You can tell me in the comments section, reach out to me directly, use your loudest social media vehicle or tell me in person in Ottawa on March 31st! See, I already have you thinking about it. So when I see you in two months, what else will we talk about?

Sourced from: Canadian Sponsorship Forum

We will talk about how the Songwriters Circle was your favourite event of the weekend.

We will talk about how amazing it was that we had both Facebook and Google presenting this year.

We will talk about how hearing Don Amero talk about music as medicine got you thinking.

We will talk about how many new industry friends you have made.

We will talk about how the Forum seems like the best class reunion you’ve ever had.

We will talk about how amazing the production of the JUNOS were compared to the last time you saw them live.

We will talk about how the Forum should partner with a music property every year.

We will talk about how men have been excluded, again, from our Women’s Only leadership panel.

We will talk about how the influx of tech speakers invented wonders you never thought possible.

We will talk about how the removal of morning runs from the agenda made you feel less guilty.

We will talk about how the IMI Happy Hour is the best networking event of the year.

We will talk about how the Taylor Swift tour case study blew you away.

We will talk about how you have finally figured out the hook to sell that title sponsorship.

We will talk about how there was no way you could have imagined yourself lip syncing.

We will talk about how the injection of younger speakers really spiced things up.

We will talk about how excited you are about our 2018 host partner.

We will talk about how surprised you were that our 2018 host partner wasn’t at the Forum, the first time this has ever happened.

We will talk about how your daughter couldn’t believe you were going to a conference to talk about Hatchimals!

We will talk about how the founder of Spartan Race made you feel like a slob during his keynote

We will talk about how come I don’t need as much sleep as you.

We will talk about how much you loved Sarah McLaughlin when you were in university.

We will talk about how great it is to be Canadian and in Ottawa during our 150th!

We will talk about how great the T1 team is.

We will talk about how many people are here as we are steaming towards record attendance.