Sunrise, sunrise

Looks like mornin’ in your eyes.

Thanks to Ally Love, the words of Norah Jones sang through my pods this morning as my feet feverishly worked my Peloton. Jones’ ballad opened my eyes and finally unlocked much of what I felt these past few weeks. 

Like so many, I have been searching for the words to express my personal take on the anguish happening worldwide. But my hands were blocked by the self-doubt of who am I to try to find words to help others get through another day. (Credit to Ms. Jones for my poaching more of her lyrics.)

It is with sadness for me to think of the many people that will never see a sunrise again or get to share it with a lost loved one. 

Mornings are so inspiring. This past weekend on my first visiting New Brunswick, a group of us was up at 5:30 AM in St. Martins to see the sun emerge and the tide retreat across Quaco Bay. It did not disappoint. 

I love the sun because I love mornings. I am inspired by the mystery that every day brings and the opportunities to rewrite my personal script. To achieve more. Course correct. To regain a lost friend or meet a new collaborator. 

This week many of my friends and colleagues at CAMH, Sun Life, and the Mh3 Collective are rising with the sun to raise money for mental health research. Every day we lose people to suicide in this country. Every day families are devastated by the loss of a loved one. Every day millions of people face depression and a variety of disorders that impact their mental, physical, and emotional health.

I knew this week I was planning to financially and emotionally support my teammates in the Sunrise Challenge virtual fundraiser. But it was not until I heard Jones’ lyrics that these words came to me. I encourage you to listen to her, yourself, and a loved one. I encourage you to participate or support someone participating in the Sunrise Challenge. 

But most of all, I encourage you to speak up if the events in the world are causing you anxiety because they are indeed doing the same to someone who would like to hear from you. 

We can help one another rise.

To donate please check out this website: Sunrise Challenge – Donate | Support CAMH – Sunrise Challenge