The Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz takes its name from the importance of the first fifteen seconds in any encounter – a meeting, a date, a presentation. So within the first Fifteen Seconds of this blog, I am going to tell you I was fortunate enough to attend this fantastic event again last week and therefore am inspired to share a series of fifteen-second learnings shared by people I met and sessions I heard. 
So pick one from the stack below and enjoy a very expedited masterclass. 

@Nina Meuller – the importance of making Failure Your Friend. Start by doing a premortem before starting any transformation, campaign or project. 

@George Nimeh – we should do more presentations about the good that came out of the pandemic and not just the bad. 
@Aurel Hosenenn – the power of being of understanding yourself through meditation, solo retreats, and self-care. 
@Emilie Colker – design is crucial to reframing and solving problems 
@Sandy Heydt – people over profits, people over profits, people over profits. 

@Allan Dransfield – not to be afraid of random strangers 
@Eena Kim – you need to ensure your branding does not lose its soul
@Tamas Trunk – to have faith in Gen Z to save our world

@Stoyan Yankov – productivity is not about efficiency; it is a state of mind. 

@Samantha Yarwood – losing everything during the pandemic was a blessing. 
@Alex Brueckmann – JOMO (joy of missing out) over FOMO
@Laurent Petit – you can do good for yourself and the planet simultaneously. 

See you in Fifteen Seconds!