I want to thank you for joining us in Montréal last week.

It was fun.
Thank you for honouring Marc Kielburger with the five-minute standing ovation that he so richly deserved. I know many of you were moved to tears by his presentation about the work that Me to We and Free The Children perform.

Your enthusiasm for all of the speakers was remarkable. Whether it be learning how to reach youth in
Québec through the wisdom of Danick Archambault of Astral TVPlus or how to touch the hearts of consumers through the passion of Nancy Marcus of Kruger Products or understanding how to do more with less via Michelle (sister of Olympian hoopster Kim Smith) and her teammate Louise Della Fortuna of Energizer.

For those who got up early to attend our roundtables featuring Jackson Wightman of Proper Propaganda and Franca Miraglia of TIFF… kudos! Next year I promise they will start an hour later.

If they start an hour later, so will our Canada Games morning runs. I heard the run led by Jen Heil was of Olympian proportions!

Speaking of Olympics, how impressed were you with Kristina Groves? Talk about motivating! Wow! She, Charles Hamelin and youngster Laurent Dubreuil redefined commitment for me in their half-hour lunchtime fireside chat.
Okay there was no fire at lunch, but there was at the L’Auberge Saint Gabriel – the oldest Inn in North America. The food was amazing, the tunnel to the dance bar even cooler!

Andy Nulman
, Andy Nulman, Andy Nulman. You gave us Baby Adolf, the Muppet rehearsal, and the Muppet Gala. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hey delegates, thanks for reliving your childhood right before my eyes and Statler and Waldorf!

Thanks for indulging my self-directed stereotyping humour. Thanks for allowing me to tease JP. Thanks for letting me skip my closing jokes after the Kielburger speech… it wasn’t the right time or place. Thanks for putting up with my Stampede infatuation. (What an amazing story Deanne Carson told!) How considerate of you to not make fun of my voice on Day 3.

For those of you in the Don Mayo entourage, you should thank me! You know what I mean.
Thanks to Le Westin Montréal. I don’t usually thank hotels, but they printed my logo on their room keys and we all know I love the fact that everyone opened their bedroom doors with my TrojanOne logo!

Thank you to my staff, especially Grace and Rosanne, who never cease to amaze me. Only they can work 21 hours a day and sleep with a smile the other 3!

Thank you Yvonne Bergmann and Ron Robison. We are so excited to be taking the Forum to the 2013 MasterCard Memorial Cup.

See you in Saskatoon!




Mark Harrison

Chair, Canadian Sponsorship Forum