Much of the work done in social justice focuses on correcting past wrongdoings.

Collecting information and evidence, dealing with pain and emotion, and searching for empathetic partners make Reconciliation a challenging activity. But unfortunately, history is not as straightforward as it should be.

Our future hurtles and even more hurdles than our past, beginning with the simple concept of uncertainty. As we look forward, there will always be factors out of our control, but we cannot use those as an excuse not to work to shape our destiny. The brave and bold say otherwise. They live intentionally and look forward to scripting a better tomorrow.

In Edmonton this July, you have an opportunity to bear witness to those who have a vision for how the African diaspora can build a prosperous tomorrow for our community. This discussion will be central to the C-Tribe Festival and its marquee event, the C-Afrofuturism Conference, July 20-24th.

C-Tribe is the creation of my Black Talent Initiative colleague – Sahr Saffa. He created C-Tribe to promote and champion the influence of many cultural forces on business, fashion, music, technology, and entertainment. Edmonton is his hometown, and proudly the northernmost metropolis in the world is also central to his platform.

Sahr believes in shaping the future, and that is his community. By creating a platform for many diverse people to assemble and collaborate, he brings it to life with meaning and purpose.

We live in a time when social posts and likes are not enough. Today actual change will only be made by those who want to do the work. Magically as hard as a result is, the journey is full of rewards. The roadmap may get fuzzy at times, but the compass never waivers.

Today it points North to Edmonton.

Suppose you have felt the need after two years of isolation and loneliness to gather with your entire self. To unleash your energy and meet others who wish to do the same, I encourage you to participate in the C-Afrofuturism Conference.

It promises to be a forum where you, your company, and your industry can genuinely support the Black community. As our community thrives, it has an amplifier effect on all communities. As a Torontonian, I can say that marketers focus too much on the 416. Canada is the world’s best country not just because of our largest city but also because of Halifax, Orillia and Edmonton.

Bring your soul, investment, and optimism to Edmonton this summer. I will be there to await you with open arms, a high five, and a challenge to shape the future—the Afrofutur of Canada.