In honour of the Grey Cup and the Vanier Cup being played this weekend, I wanted to create a list of the some of the top sports mo’s in Canadian athletics history. Feel free to add or subtract from this list on your own.

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Albert Grey, 4th Earl Grey. Isn’t it obvious, given the weekend?






2. Georges Vanier.
Can you guess why? Now you are getting the hang of this!






3. Rod Black
. If you think he looks funny in this photo, you should see him emcee a banquet. Unreal. His impressions of other broadcasters are priceless!






4. JC Watts.
Not only because he went on to a successful career in politics, but because he is my all-time favourite CFL player!






5. Tony Gabriel.
Because I am an Ottawa Rough Riders fan and it was not offensive pass interference in the 1981 Grey Cup versus Edmonton!






6. Lanny McDonald.
Not just cause of his ‘stache, but because he was one of my instructors at Haliburton Hockey Haven in 1977!






7. Brian Budd.
Canada’s soccer superstar! After Budd trounced the Americans three years in a row (1978-1980) in the ABC Sports show Superstars, they created a rule that you couldn’t continue to compete after a third victory. It was unofficially known as the “Budd rule”!





8. Ferguson Jenkins.
Not only a Hall of Fame pitcher… not only is he a 100 games winner in both leagues he pitched in… not only is he a Canadian… not only is he originally from Chatham… but he is my Mom’s (second) cousin.





9. Ezzrett ‘Sugarfoot’ Anderson.
Some day, I will share a real good story.






Morris Glimcher, executive director of Manitoba High School Athletic Association. Cause he is “Mo” every day.






Scott Johnson, vice president, partnership management and sales at MBNA. Best sports sponsor with a mo’.






12. Me! Really… you thought I would leave myself off this list?








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  1. You forgot one- a guy who’s been grooming one of the finest mo’s for decades: Jim Van Horne. Check him out!

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