I was called out Monday at our company-wide meeting – internally known as ChalkTalk – for not having raised enough money for our MojanOne Movember fundraising efforts. Ouch!

The other day someone said ‘How come you’re not blogging about Movember?’ Double ouch!

Then I looked online at my totals. Oh boy. Triple whammy.

So it’s time to rev up the engines and generate some Mo’ Money!

That’s where you come in. This is the one and only time I will hit you up all year for a direct pitch. But of course, if I want you to open your wallets and share your Front of the Line Amex or your Team Visa or your Priceless MasterCard numbers with me, I need to give you something in return… or at least provide valid reasons why you should donate to the cause.

So here goes… ten reasons for you to donate to my Movember Mo Space page on behalf of my company team. You decide what works for you and anything you can do will be great. But don’t just donate. Talk about men’s health. Book a doctors appointment. Get your P checked out. Or ask your hubby, BF, dad, big bro to get it done too. Heck, even ask your 46-year-old, beige, big-mouthed, bald, formerly overweight boss too.

Reason #1: The first person to donate $2000 gets free registration to the 2012 Canadian Sponsorship Forum. Actually… make that the first three. Email me directly when you have donated!

Reason #2: Because I don’t want to get called out again by my staff.


Reason #3: You could win Leafs tickets! Our interns raised $200 on Monday through a breakfast event. Thanks to To Go Foodbar for the free coffee! Match that total and I will enter you in a draw to use my Leafs tickets for one game.


Reason #4: Because my Dad has prostate cancer. He’s doing great. Make a donation in honour of your dad. Send me an email about him that I can use in a future blog.


Reason #5: I look ridiculous in this moustache. Isn’t that the fun of it though?

Reason #6: Because Brian, who works for me, looks even worse than I do.

Reason #7: Because we made this cool stache app!

Reason #8: If you donate $500 or more I will do a one-hour lunch-and-learn at your organization. But lunch is on you!


Reason #9: Make it $1000 and I will buy the lunch (Fine print to come).


Reason #10: Have you seen our video?


Reason #11: Because Team MojanOne wants to raise $20,000 for Movember this year. Reason enough for me to throw in a bonus reason! Figure that out!

Thanks Mo’ Friends!

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