I almost blew it.

A friend suggested I watch a video of a young man’s TedEx talk. Told me the presenter should be our feature keynote at the Canadian Sponsorship Forum.

Don’t know why, but I had little interest. Maybe it was because all I heard, saw, interpreted was that the speaker was a break dancer.

Thankfully someone on my team watched the video. I should say someones. It spread quickly among a few key influencers. They pulled me by the ear and I watched. Hmm. Me be wrong. Let’s invite him to speak. I didn’t slot him as our closing keynote. Cause I was still being stupid. But he got a prime speaking slot.

He didn’t speak at CSF. He wove magic. He cast a spell. He left me in a trance.

But don’t be fooled. Doing an awesome speech doesn’t mean you’re talented at anything but speaking. But he did do it while breaking, at times elevated on just one arm, at other times hosting fellow dancers on the stage. But, but, but…was he authentic?

Last weekend the trial was held. I got a chance to see the same speaker in action and attend his organization’s marquee event. The Unity Festival.

Bottom line. This man is what he says he is. His project does what it says it does.

The charity is UNITY. Its mission is fostering success in youth through avenues they entrust: music, dance, art.

The messiah is Michael Prosserman. Aka Bboy Piecez.

He is the founder, leader, and inspiration of Unity. Seeing him in action, seeing the talent he curated, the audience he attracted, the engagement with young and old alike. I now knew. He is what he says.

Don’t make my mistake and ignore him. Because Mike Prosserman is going to change our country.

3 thoughts on “Unity

  1. I really didn’t expect this. I actually thought you didn’t like me when I first met you. But after the weekend progressed at CSF I started to realize you just don’t have any patience for BS. I also saw that you put the highest quality in everything you do. At first I felt like an outsider but by the end of the weekend I felt like part of the Trojan Fam.

    I’m so happy you guys took a chance on me and unity.

    You may not know but just giving me the opp to speak has gone a very long way.

    Keep in touch and stop shouting at me from your car 🙂


    – Mike

  2. Yes, Michael and the hundreds/thousands of youth he is inspiring along with his community of leaders is really bringing together generations. Unity Charity is a very meaningful name for the good things they are doing. Emil

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